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Tour, Fishing and native cooking

afrocargenero village


Ethnic Fishing Village
This tour is designed for persons which want to be in first touch with local people from the fishing village and want to learn From a native hand to assembling fishing nets, boxes to catch crabs  and how to throw traditional net , then all fishing product are cooking with You into a native family, in order to prepare a local recipe accompanied with  patacones or coconut rice, after that delicious food take a nap in  a hammock on the beach.
Ethnic Fishing Village
  • Transportation
  • Local guide (fisherman)
  • Intridruction to the journey of fishing
  • Assembling fishing net and cages for crabs
  • Fishing trip into de Juan Polo’s Lagoon to catch crabs, shrimps and fishes
  • How to throw the Atarraya (traditional net  for fishing to get shrimps ans fishes)
  • Prepare things of fishing with a  local family (local recipe with patacones or coconut rice).
  • Share the table with natives people and talking about the journey of fishing Tradicional lunch
  • Time on the beach in hammock
  • Time leaving: at hotel 7:00 am to 2:30 pm
  • Minum 1 pax



  Ethnic Fishing Village